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Cosmetic Dentistry
Irving, TX

Beautiful woman smiling  at Isla Dental in Irving, TXFor many people, having a healthy, vibrant, and glowing smile is crucial for their health and aesthetic purposes. At Isla Dental, we focus on elevating the appearance of your smile with our cosmetic procedures. We have invested substantially in modern techniques like 3D imaging and the latest dental equipment to provide quality dental care with predictable results. Our cosmetic dentist helps create radiant, beautiful smiles for all of our patients.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We have lined up a collection of cosmetic procedures targeted to meet your cosmetic dental needs and goals. We provide:

Teeth Whitening

As a regular cosmetic dental procedure that we perform in our dental clinic, teeth whitening can brighten your smile. It is a process where our dentist removes stains and discoloration on teeth that often occurs over time to give a brighter, more youthful appearance to one's teeth. We can also provide kits that you can use to brighten your teeth at home.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can help people with chipped, stained, gapped teeth or discolorations. Veneers are thin, custom-crafted shells that are bonded to the front parts of the teeth to develop a seamless, aesthetically pleasing look. It is also a fairly popular option because it requires minimal tooth preparation, making it one of the least intrusive cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental Bonding

If you have chips, gaps, or cracks on your teeth, dental bonding can be conducted to correct the imperfections or repair the damages. It involves the application of a tooth-colored resin on the tooth surfaces to restore the tooth structure and appearance. It is a cost-effective way of enhancing one's appearance.

Dental Implants

Not only can dental implants contribute towards restoring a natural smile but also play a role in building your oral and general health. It involves the placement of screw-shaped fixtures where dental prostheses like dentures, bridges, or crowns can be fixed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Additionally, tooth implants prevent bone degradation and maintain one's facial structure.

Clear Aligners and Braces

These treatments are primarily performed to correct misaligned teeth and improve jaw functionality. Straight teeth also create an aesthetically pleasing look that will boost the self-confidence of the patient.


This cosmetic treatment involves reshaping or sculpting a patient's gingival tissue to improve symmetry and proportion. Our dentist can craft a more harmonious dental structure by adjusting the gum line. Gum contouring is necessary when you have a gummy smile where there is too much gum tissue covering the teeth or when there is little gum tissue.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile encourages one to be more outgoing and confident. You can get a new smile with cosmetic dentistry. A majority of cosmetic dental procedures are designed to bring long-lasting results, giving you years of a radiant, healthy smile. Our dentist personalizes your treatment to your particular goals and needs. We conduct a detailed assessment to understand your needs and build a treatment plan that is appropriate for you. Our dentist allows you to participate in the process to ensure the treatment plan aligns with your preferences and goals. Contact Isla Dental by calling (469) 923-0448 to discover the transformative capabilities of our cosmetic dentistry. Your radiant smile awaits!
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Cosmetic Dentistry | Isla Dental | Irving, TX
At Isla Dental, we focus on elevating the appearance of your smile with our cosmetic procedures.
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